Rising demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products is spreading to all sectors of the food service market space. While they’re not going completely vegan, Fast Company reports that 30% of American consumers say they’re cutting back on meat consumption, and 32% identify as flexitarians.

That means restaurants and food service distributors are scrambling to add plant-based products to their offerings. In fact, food service distribution giant Sysco recently rolled out Sysco Simply, a platform designed to link its clients with plant-based products, and a Sysco-branded meatless hamburger patty.

With that kind of momentum, now is the perfect time to position your B2B plant-based food brand to partner with major distributors, and plant-based public relations can get you there. Here are some tips to get you started.

Stand out from the Crowd

First, focus on your brand’s differentiators. There is an influx of products entering the plant-based food market space right now, with megabrands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods dominating the conversation. You’ve got to set yourself apart.

For example, the Sysco Simply Meatless Burger’s marketing message focuses on the patty’s unique spice blend. Build your message around what makes you different, and you’ll give distributors a great reason to choose your product.

Become the Expert

Another way to get the attention you need is to establish leaders in your organization as plant-based food experts. Promote your founders and/or CEO as thought leaders in the industry. Offer them as sources for news articles about the rising demand for meat alternatives, and have them engage in the conversation surrounding meat alternatives on social media.

Food service distributors are reading these articles and watching these conversations, too. What they see will influence their decisions about which products to provide.

The Time is Now

Act now. Don’t let your meat alternative brand get lost in the media frenzy surrounding the industry right now.

To make your voice heard over the Impossible Whopper, you’ve got to create a solid strategy and make a big splash. But even though the plant-based food industry is growing, public relations and marketing knowledge in these spaces is relatively slim. You don’t have time to battle a learning curve with your public relations agency.

Orange Orchard is the only full-service communications agency in the U.S. that focuses on plant-based and vegan brands. We can get your strategy off the ground in no time, and we’ve got the industry contacts to get your message heard. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online to get started today.