I read a recent story about the University of Georgia School of Law receiving a $1.4 million grant that will provide resources and aid those involved in animal welfare initiatives. There’s a quote in the story from the school’s Practicum in Animal Welfare Skills Director Lisa Milot that I just love: “Small interventions can make meaningful differences in animal welfare.”

It’s true, isn’t it? Small things matter. Donations, no matter the amount, add up. Food given to an animal shelter keeps bellies full. Choosing cruelty-free products impact industries. Small actions can be meaningful.

Now, that’s not to say $1.4 million is small. But that big sum can cause a lot of small ripples and make a different in a lot of lives.

Did you know that animal welfare public relations can help you make a difference, too? Both big and small.

PR is one of the best choices you can make to help get your animal welfare efforts on the map. Or on the internet rather. Our team can help you build a PR plan that will give your SEO strategy the boost and strong foundation it needs. We can:

  • Create quality content: Our team will help you develop the right keywords to bring allies and donors to your website. Thanks to carefully crafted articles and blogs, your message will be relevant and informative.
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