Eons ago in 2017, it was reported by Supermarket News that plant-based trends were skyrocketing:

Thirty-six percent of consumers buy plant-based meats; 26% of consumers say they have reduced their consumption of meat in the past 12 months; and 58% of adults drink non-dairy milk, according to speakers at Expo East. Fifty-eight percent.

Now that it’s 2020, the competition is getting fierce. Well-known establishments like QDOBA, Del Taco, Dunkin’, and Burger King are on board with plant-based options, and brands known for their animal products like Tyson and Perdue are even getting in the game to offer more alternatives to a demanding base.

To keep your head above the crowd, you’ll need a team experienced in plant-based public relations, but you need to make sure your branding and story is consistent.

Upgrade your plant-based public relations to a combo

We know from experience that many companies and brands often hire one agency specifically for public relations, another for social media management, and perhaps also decide to pay either in-house or contracted content developers. This practice can occasionally produce great results, but when getting the messaging right is critical, consider partnering with an agency that offers more under one roof.

At Orange Orchard, we pride ourselves on not only knowing how to speak to the audiences of a plant-based brand but how to keep the messaging consistent across almost any medium. If you want a dynamic public relations campaign to stand out in a very crowded 2020 but need it to synergize with your social media and online content, we’d love to chat!

3 key ingredients

Your message – your voice – is the heartbeat of your brand, and nailing it in the eyes of the public is crucial to establish a memorable presence among your buyers. Through in-house teamwork between our specialists, we can tell your story through the three following channels while delivering your key messages consistently and without variation:

  • Public relations – Our accounts team specializes in plant-based public relations, and they’re experts in securing media placement in key outlets through compelling pitches and impactful press releases.
  • Social media – From a steady stream of planned posts spread throughout each week to carefully targeted Facebook ads, our expert social media team will make sure your key messages are always evident in each engaging tweet, post or insta.
  • Content – When it’s time to get a little more verbose, you’ll have a squad of seasoned journalists and content writers ready to tell your story through case studies, editorial contributions, website blogs and more. They can help edit your bylined articles, too, so you don’t have to sweat about editorial guidelines and style.

Reach out to us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.