They say a picture is worth a thousand words. As someone who’s always been more of a visual learner, I agree. Think of the last bookshelf or table you tried to put together. The graphic illustrations helped it make sense, right? Or at least as much sense as something saying telling you to connect parts A and H using only an allen wrench can make.

It’s why organizations like St. Jude feature real-life patients and their stories during a call to action, or recipes feature images of the finished dish. Visuals help us connect to what we’re seeing, whether cognitively or emotionally.

Sharing stories and sweet faces can be a valuable practice when it comes to animal welfare public relations, too. Take Born Free USA, for example. The organization has a 175-acre primate sanctuary in south Texas that’s home to monkeys that have been rescued from exotic trades, roadside zoos and similar situations. The team at BFUSA has put together case studies and videos that let you get to meet the primates your dollars could be helping, like sweet little Kiki.

And then there’s the adventurous Arto, an ape achiever at The Orangutan Project. Like Kiki, Arto was someone’s pet. These days, though? He’s attending jungle school — yes, jungle school! — and learning how to be an orangutan instead of someone’s plaything. They also have awesome conservation efforts in place for Sumatran tigers and elephants, too.

Both TOP and BFUSA are great at including those they’ve rescued in their messaging and sharing the “why” behind their conservation efforts. And we’ve done our best to maximize these stories and more as part of our media outreach and public relations strategy. Being able to share the conservation efforts of amazing organizations like this is why we come to work each day.

The team at Orange Orchard is ready to help you share your “why,” too. Whether it’s coordinating interviews with your founder to discuss your origin story and daily endeavors or our content team is helping you produce case studies to include on your website and in your media kit, we’re here to help you tell those stories and connect with potential donors. Call us at 865-977-1973, and let us get started.