I remember my high school French teacher say that learning a foreign language by comparing it word for word to the language you know is a terrible way to learn a new language. You need to immerse yourself and treat it as a new experience.

The same can be said about shifting to a vegan lifestyle. Many people approach the transition by using alternatives to what they know from their previous diets. Things like alternative meat burgers, soy hotdogs, and veggie cheese flood the plant-based food market. These are really amazing products and have helped many people transition to plant-based living but who said that the animal product centric diet is the standard and needs an “alternative”?

Restaurants are catching on that the vegan at the table is becoming the table of vegans. How are they responding? By using their culinary expertise of taste and pairing to create a top-notch plant-based dish fit for the masses.

The shift to veganism as a mainstream lifestyle has paved the way for plant-based brands to focus less on the good old veggie patty and more on innovation in plant-based products.

Orange Orchard is an agency that specializes in vegan and plant-based public relations. We are really excited for what your brand brings to the table. We can help you craft a strategy to reach not only vegans, but a mainstream audience.