Not all public relations agencies are created equal.

The founder of a tech startup doesn’t have the same PR needs as a marketing executive at a publicly traded manufacturing firm. A fashion designer won’t benefit from working with an agency connected to the construction industry, and an automaker probably isn’t looking for media coverage in food industry trade publications. And businesses with a commitment to sustainability should definitely consider a qualified, experienced environmental public relations agency in order to maximize brand awareness and credibility.

Most PR organizations specialize in a single industry or a few related verticals. That’s because public relations is about much more than just writing snappy press releases or deftly managing urgent media requests.

Effective PR depends on a deep understanding of each client’s specific needs. PR professionals who share the goals and values of the companies they work with will also understand the specific challenges their clients face. Relationships based on trust and true service drive success.

An agency with experience in environmental PR can be an essential partner for a business that cares about the environment and sustainability. At Orange Orchard, we have tools that will help separate your company from competitors: strategic vision, expertise and, most important, a shared commitment to protecting the environment.

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