Plant-based public relations can get your vegan values out to the public through earned media coverage. Earned.

This doesn’t mean you pay the local television station money for a commercial, this means you provide the local television station value as a trusted source on a related story.

Through proven strategies, a team like Orange Orchard PR with direct experience representing sustainable and plant-based companies, can help get your brand the attention it deserves.

Be a Source

When we say source, we don’t mean to be like one of those anonymous sources breaking the latest NFL free agency news. Be a public resource and a thought leader in the plant-based arena.

Let’s say you’re a plant-based food company with a goal to create imitation seafood to help protect our friends in the sea.  A journalist may be working on a story with ways to protect endangered species in the sea. You could provide some context on your plant-based efforts to create an alternative food source to replace some of the animals being excessively caught.

Being a source can help you become a thought leader and get continuous earned coverage in the future.

Promote Agenda Through Press Releases

Press releases can promote your vegan values by providing concise information. The right plant-based public relations team can help craft a release that gets the essentials of your agenda out to the public.

If written correctly, your release can be published directly to a magazine or news site. A release can also lead to a journalist wanting a more in-depth interview to further get your plant-based message out.

Be Social

Social media is free. It doesn’t cost you a penny, or a dogecoin, to put your message out there on your social platforms. Without the right plan, it can of course go unseen.

A plant-based public relations team like Orange Orchard can provide you with a plan to use your platforms as an effective tool to get earned media coverage.

With consistent messaging and use of SEO on your socials, your posts can appear in curated plant-based articles. Media members can follow your accounts and reach out when you post something of interest to them.

There are more possibilities and more in-depth strategy to get your plant-based agenda earned coverage. If you’d like to learn more about how plant-based public relations can help you, give Orange Orchard a shout.