Most non-profit organizations host big fundraising events at least once or twice a year.

But how would you like it if you could raise money consistently all year long?

With a strategic non-profit public relations plan, you can build a program that attracts new donors who will contribute more often than at your big events.

Statistics show that most U.S. charities struggle to bring in annual funding over $500,000, even if they desperately need it.

Here are some ways PR can help your non-profit fill its coffers all year:

Raising General Awareness

According to Charity Link, an organization that trains and helps nonprofits raise money, most people give donations to causes they feel are important, that they trust and those they can relate to.

There are other reasons, but the fact is that if your organization is well-known and has a positive reputation, it’s easier to raise the money you need to continue your cause.

A qualified PR agency has connections within the news media and knows how to tell your story through an effective press release. This helps get your name out in front of your target audience.

Honing Your Message

While we all know that marketing your nonprofit is vital, adding a PR component helps you hone your message.

Public relations helps people connect your overarching message with your brand. If you’re able to tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that appeals to the media, your story will be carried beyond your website or social media channels.

PR professionals know how to craft your story so that people can relate to your mission. The story should also humanize your brand and give you a competitive edge.

Making it Happen

While PR is important in getting your message out, it’s rare that it just “happens.” It can take a lot of calls, press releases and follow-ups to generate positive media stories.

PR professionals constantly monitor for trends and changes in public sentiment to help guide your organization’s communication strategy. They will often suggest your nonprofit’s leadership as thought leaders when issues arise that involve your cause. This helps get your organization quoted in articles and builds trust with the media and your target audience.

Once your nonprofit has become more widely known and people begin to trust your brand, the more likely that people will steadily donate to your organization.

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