Green tech companies aspire to do more, to be more, for the world and all life in it. Pouring all efforts into designing and rolling out innovative solutions that reduce resource consumption, repurpose waste or harness cleaner power, businesses dedicated to improving the environment through technological advances are invariable placing themselves on a pedestal.

Of course, when a crisis does strike for companies like this, it can hit twice as hard due to their positioning. If you’re a green tech company, you know how valuable your reputation is in maintaining an edge over the competition in your space. To proactively create a buffer for the times that do go awry, consider partnering with a specialized PR team. Your select team doesn’t even have to focus on crisis communications, but it’s good to choose an agency specialized in green tech public relations like Orange Orchard.

Let’s look at a few ways partnering with the right PR team can help protect your brand when disaster strikes.

Provide Media Training

The experts on your green tech public relations team will be able to train your spokespersons to conquer tricky interviews and navigate the tough questions. A tough interview may not always result in a crisis, but conversations with the media after enduring a difficult time have a heightened chance of taking a turn for the worse. With the right training, your representatives will feel confident in putting concerns to rest and reinforcing your key messages throughout any interviews.

Establish a Crisis Communications Plan

There is no such thing as a convenient time for a crisis to strike, but they’re much more manageable knowing a plan has been put in place. An effective crisis communications plan can be pulled out, dusted off, and quickly enacted when the tides turn against your green tech brand. Make sure your PR agency of choice develops a solid plan and reviews the document with you in detail. Hope you never need it, but rest assured it’s there for when you do.

Bury the Bad with Good PR

Above all, partner with a green tech public relations team that values and aggressively pursues positive media placement on a regular basis. Amassing positive stories over time that place your company in a position of trust will build a sort of insurance for when your integrity may come into question. No company is perfect, but customers (consumers or businesses) are a discerning bunch and will always weigh your most recent crisis against all the good you’ve managed to do when it comes time to make a choice. Tip the scales in your favor by working with an experienced media relations team.

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