Even during a time when social media seems to sway most of our consciousness, the fact remains that traditional media is still important when we need to get the word out.

So getting your animal welfare organization noticed can be made easier if you have built some genuine relationships with journalists in both trade publications and in the general news media.

One of the biggest components of a solid animal welfare public relations strategy is a proactive media outreach plan. Building your relationships within the media should be a priority, especially if you rely on volunteers and donations to grow your outreach efforts.

Press releases

One of the first steps in building this outreach is to provide the media with a press release highlighting some of your more newsworthy events or efforts. Make sure you provide all the information in the release and provide contact information reporters can use if they have follow-up questions.

Pitch a story

Reporters aren’t mind readers. They won’t know about your animal welfare group’s events or fund-raisers if you don’t tell them. Make a list of the publications you’d like to see promoting or covering your event and call or email them an invitation. Provide all the details about the event and make sure you send this information in plenty of time for the reporter to schedule an interview or attend.

Write a think piece

If there is an issue in the news that your organization can provide some insight on, don’t be shy. Offer to write a guest column, byline or opinion piece on the issue. Use your expertise to sell your credentials and abide by the news outlet’s word requirements or topic considerations.

But oftentimes, putting out consistent content or calling reporters doesn’t fit into your day. You’re needed to manage the organization, fundraise or even physically care for the animals you are protecting.

That’s why the professionals at Orange Orchard exist. Our team understands animal welfare issues and already has thousands of contacts at the media outlets that would be interested in your story.

Our approach to animal welfare PR includes a balanced approach to cultivating the reporters and providing their outlets with content that can help you develop lasting mutual relationships.

If you need the specialized media coordination services Orange Orchard can provide, contact us online or call (865) 977-1973 today to start your outreach program.