Backing up your brand’s marketing strategy with a team of plant-based public relations pros who specialize in proactive strategies can be a great way to build brand recognition, trust and have the support you need as your leadership team develops into industry leaders.

Build Up Your Brand with Earned Media

By becoming well known in your market through earned media opportunities such as contributed articles and podcast interviews, your customers will become more familiar with your products and brand.

Capitalizing on the know-how and existing relationships can be a great way to dive in head-first and build momentum. Identifying the top outlets and earning placement with relevant, exciting pieces is tough to beat.

Make the Plan: Preparation

Working with an experienced team means that you can be prepared and have the support you need to tackle a variety of scenarios.

The most seasoned PR agencies offer media training to ensure that all of your spokespeople are ready when the time comes for an interview (whether scheduled or impromptu).

Learning the dos and don’ts from experienced pros is one of most important actions a brand can take to ensure successful coverage when the opportunity arises.

Taking the time to having steps in place in case a crisis appears is critical.

Developing clear steps and knowing what to do in a sticky situation is the best way to get some peace of mind as your business and brand grow.


Working with a team of pros who truly understand your plant-based brand’s specific needs is a great way to ensure your proactive PR plan is successful. Taking some time to prepare in advance of interviews or knowing what to do in the time of crisis seals the deal.

With the right strategy and team in place, proactive PR management can be built into your company’s day-to-day. The brand-building experts at understand the unique needs of plant-based businesses and their customers. If you have questions or would like to learn more, give the Orange Orchard team a call at (865) 977-1973.