More and more, consumers are becoming aware of how some animals suffer during the production of popular products. People do not take kindly to the harming of animals and are willing to spend their money on brands that don’t.

With that said, the market is becoming crowded with products that designate themselves as cruelty free. Athletes and other influencers have begun promoting cruelty-free products to the masses to get the word out. Recently, vegan pro surfer Tia Blanco became a brand ambassador for cruelty-free brand Vejii while American singer Halsey announced the launch of her own cruelty-free makeup brand.

So, with the market crowded, how do you get the message out that your company also cares about the welfare of animals. Hiring a cruelty free public relations agency, of course. Cruelty free PR agencies know exactly how to promote your message and get it to the right audience.

The experts at Orange Orchard possess the skills and knowledge to get your message to the public in a way they understand. Our staff is committed to promoting cruelty-free products because we truly care about animals.

Our experts would be happy write press releases and promote your cruelty-free message using our contacts in the industry. They would also love to assist you with your social media accounts so you can interact with the customer and build a lasting relationship. Our experts would love to help you on any cruelty free campaign that would help you promote your cruelty free brand.

If you are ready for you message to reach the right audience, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.