At Orange Orchard, we are passionate about animal welfare, and our commitment to being animal friendly is reflected in every aspect of our agency.

Advocacy is rewarding in itself, but if done right it can be a smart business move, aligning your brand with like-minded consumers. Partnering with an agency experienced in animal welfare public relations will help you tell your animal-friendly story, get the word out about your stance and respond wisely to any criticism your advocacy might attract.

Why Take a Stand?

Taking a stand to end animal cruelty is the right thing to do, but why should you mix personal beliefs with business? As younger generations come into adulthood and their prime spending years, the idea that business and politics don’t mix is becoming outdated.

The rising generations of consumers, millennials and Generation Z, tend to support businesses and brands that share their ideals, and these generations also contain the largest number of vegetarians and vegans than ever before. Taking a stand now will build their trust in your brand and bring future business to you.

PR Can Help

A public relations agency like Orange Orchard with plenty of animal welfare and environmental experience can advise you on the best way to share your stance and prepare you to respond to consumers’ opinions.

For example, Orange Orchard can help your brand create a balanced message, one that puts information ahead of anger. While advocacy stems from passion, as Gretel Going said in Forbes, “Communicating from anger takes the focus off the content and places it on the delivery. The marketer’s job is to channel the passion and anger into a campaign of education and awareness.”

Other ways Orange Orchard can help include:

  • Media outreach – Our PR professionals have developed contacts at the perfect media outlets to share your story.
  • Content marketing – Blogging about animal welfare will push your brand to the top of relevant search engine results.
  • Crisis management – Taking a stand sometimes means attracting criticism. We can help you craft a wise, balanced response before the internet trolls start typing.

We can make your advocacy message appealing and successful from Day One. If your brand is ready to go public for animal welfare, contact Orange Orchard today.