The 2010s were the decade of cheap renewables and electric cars. What advances are the 2020s bringing to the green technology field, and how can an agency that specializes in green tech public relations get them into the minds — and hands — of clients and consumers?

Green tech is changing the world around us!

Attitudes Toward Tech and Culture are Changing

Green technology is starting to pull at the threads of our industrial society, causing us to question some assumptions we often take for granted. These assumptions have long included the idea that fossil fuels are just a fact of life, or that our consumer lifestyles can’t be made more sustainable. Products like rooftop solar panels, electric cars and even biodegradable phone cases are making these just a little harder to believe.

What’s driving these changing assumptions? In part, the development and use of more effective public relations strategies for green technology companies. PR helps good ideas, products and services get the visibility they need, and face the unique market challenges. Getting people on-board with urban farms or cell-cultured meat won’t be easy, but PR help companies push past their communications hurdles.

Why Do B2B Green Tech Companies Need PR, Too?

Even B2B-oriented companies can benefit from a green tech public relations approach. Every company in today’s marketplace is consumer-facing in some way, whether they need to plant the seeds for changing legislation or getting decision makers to notice their product and consider it in the future. With the right experience and expertise, a public relations agency that specializes in green tech can provide a valuable pathway for targeting potential clients and fostering changing attitudes.

In the coming years, green tech is poised to reshape the way we think about consumer goods. If you’re a green tech company looking to establish yourself in what’s sure to be an exciting and growing market throughout the decade, contact Orange Orchard at (865)-977-1973.