Animals are not units of production and more people are beginning to realize this when deciding how to spend their money on basic necessities such as groceries and clothing. The increasing support given to products that do not harm animals can be a boon for brands.

If your brand wants to promote its animal welfare initiatives or raise visibility for its cruelty-free products, it’s vital you find the right animal welfare public relations agency to represent you. Here are a few thoughts that may help guide you to the right agency and know what to look for.

Knowing Where to Focus

By positioning your updates in the right way, you will earn more exposure and as a result more support from the public. Ensuring that your agency knows the ins and outs of animal welfare public relations is critical to securing your brands success.

Crisis Management

The right PR team can assist you in creating and enacting a crisis management plan that can mitigate any issues that your brand may face. It is important to know exactly what steps if your supply chain was to become tainted with animal products or a spokesperson engaged in behavior counter to your values. By having a plan in place being prepared to tackle issues before or shortly after they arise, you can reduce downtime and get back on track faster than you ever would’ve imagined.

Keep Key Messaging Frequent and on Brand

Having a team of experienced professionals on retainer can ensure that your social media, website, and news are all consistent, polished, and on brand. By allowing the experts to handle these important avenues, your team can continue to grow the brand and innovate.

Whether your brand is actively growing or you are looking to take things to the next level, hiring a team of experienced PR professionals is always a good bet. By focusing your outreach efforts, being equipped to handle a crisis, and keeping your messaging alive and on brand, your brand recognition can grow to new heights! If you are an animal welfare company looking to boost your brand or share recent success, the Orange Orchard team is here to help. Give us a call at (865) 977-1973.