Do you ever think about what happens to the captive whales and dolphins in captivity after their time in the spotlight is over?

When whales are raised in captivity, they lack the skills that they would learn in the wild and are totally reliant on humans to survive. This means many captive whales end up living out the rest of their lives in tiny concrete tanks.

That’s why we’re so proud to work with The Whale Sanctuary Project. As their animal welfare public relations partner, we’ve watched them grow as an organization, and they just announced they found the perfect location to establish a sanctuary for formerly captive whales. In Port Hilford, Nova Scotia, the conservation group will provide a comfortable long-term home for these magnificent creatures and is working with the local government to ensure their safety.

A Place for Whales

The whale sanctuary is set to encompass a nearly 100-acre section of the bay, which is protected from storms by natural geographical features. Initially, the group hopes to relocate eight formerly-captive whales there.

The sanctuary will be netted off from the open ocean, which will keep the whales safe from other animals and close to their human caretakers. In addition, the facility will include a full-time veterinary clinic to tend to the whales’ unique needs, and a nearly educational center.

Canada banned holding or breeding whales in captivity late last year, and this project is the first step in creating a safe home for former captives.

For animal welfare organizations like this one, public relations is an important part of how they reach potential donors and ambassadors to support their cause. If you’re looking for a partner to help your foundation grow, look no further than Orange Orchard. As a full-service communications agency, we help wonderful organizations like the Whale Sanctuary Project every day. Contact Orange Orchard online or call us at (865) 977-1973 for more information.