There is an undeniable, mounting pressure on companies today to go green. All that pressure, however, is a positive thing – it’s what we call accountability! As an agency specializing in environmental public relations, we applaud the decision to lower your company or organization’s carbon footprint and work toward preserving the planet regardless of the “why,” and we want to help make your efforts as impactful as possible.

One of the first steps to becoming an eco-friendlier entity is to lay out a clear plan. Between recycling initiatives, choosing more responsibly sourced office supplies, managing your energy and water consumption and more, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options and not take any steps at all. Luckily, partnering with an environmental public relations agency can help with direction, results and the attention positive change deserves, and a great place to start might be right outside your door.

Consider a Community Event

Planning an event that directly provides positive green results for your community is a great way to impact and impress one of your most important groups of stakeholders. Perhaps you decide on a clean-up day along the banks of a local river, or maybe your organization elects to host a recycling drive. Whatever you choose, your event can become the center of a fantastic PR campaign.

  1. Announce your event with a press release – Distributing an official announcement to targeted media serves to notify your community of your intent, can help rally volunteers and can help secure key media placement for your brand.
  2. Launch a supporting social media campaign – By setting up the event on social media, you can track engagement, coordinate volunteers and other RSVPs and attract more leads to your company. The right PR agency can develop an official hashtag for the event and draft a calendar of posts, targeting the right demographics with boosted posts and ads.
  3. Follow up with case studies and content – After your event wraps, recap your eco-success through a case study or series of blogs. By partnering with a specialized agency that speaks the “green language” fluently, you can rest assured that your content will be well-crafted, edited for proper grammar and styling, and contain the right keywords for maximized SEO.

To learn more about launching your first green steps with an environmental public relations agency, please contact Orange Orchard today at 865.977.1973.