Modern consumers are more informed than they’ve ever been, and being informed means they’re more discerning about what they buy. As more people become aware of their effects on the environment, we’re starting to see a big change toward sustainable products and practices being implemented. More people are choosing to lower their meat consumption and reduce single-use plastics, are recycling more and becoming cognizant of the amount of packaging they use.

Along those lines, plant-based products are becoming more en vogue as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s for ethical, environmental or other reasons, people are demanding more plant-based products.

Why do you need plant-based PR?

Like all businesses, plant-based companies need public relations. Here are three reasons why you need plant-based PR for your products.

  1. People want to know about your products: We’re on the cutting edge for most plant-based products, and the public at large are probably not aware of the exciting things happening in that realm. Some of what’s going on with your company may not seem innovative to you, but it could be a complete revelation to the lay person.
  2. The media has an appetite for plant-based: Just as consumers are unaware of the innovations taking place in the plant-based world, so too are the media. Sure, some are more hip and savvy than others, but with climate change becoming a bigger part of discussions in the media, those outlets are craving stories about plant-based alternatives and how they intersect with people’s lives.
  3. Demand is rising: People are making changes in their day-to-day lives to lower environmental impacts. You’re seeing people start to drift away from single-use plastic straws in favor of reusable metal or compostable paper straws. While your product may not have a big demand now, things are moving so fast that three months from now your sustainable alternative has an exponentially bigger market than before. Without PR for your plant-based product, consumers aren’t going to know the great alternatives you offer.

Add all these factors together, and using public relations for a plant-based company is a no-brainer. If you’re looking to spread awareness of your plant-based company, contact Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973.