With each passing year, more people are beginning to realize how important it is to protect our animals and develop products that do not cause harm to them. Organizations, such as the Animal Welfare Institute, dedicate their efforts to reducing animal suffering and seeking better treatment of animals everywhere.

For animal welfare foundations and companies that support their initiatives, it is important to spread your message and keep it top of mind. To do so, you must develop a strong strategy that will keep your brand visible to the public. Animal welfare public relations agencies, like Orange Orchard, have a deep understanding of your values and can help develop a strategy that keeps your core message intact.

Our experts at Orange Orchard have a toolbox full of resources that will help bring attention to your animal welfare initiatives. Below are three ways we can help you put a microphone to your message:

Media Outreach: Our veteran team of media experts stays busy creating strategies to help your initiatives get the press they deserve. With a Rolodex full of trusted journalists, our team will pitch story ideas to publications that your target audience follows. From written articles to appearances on nationally recognized podcasts, our team works to get your name in the media to help establish you as a thought leader on the issues you care about.

Maximize your social media platforms: When it comes to promoting your animal welfare initiatives, social media sites can be a great avenue. Every day, people use their phones and tablets to browse social media for various reasons. It is paramount for you to take advantage of the opportunity. Our experts can put a strategy in place using earned media opportunities that will keep your account active and put your message in front of the social media community.

Increase speaking opportunities: Speaking at industry events is another great way to establish your foundation as a thought leader. These shows present an opportunity to express your message and display your values. Our expert can help you land an opportunity to speak at these shows by taking the lead on form submissions and presenting you as the perfect person to engage the audience.

If your company is ready to partner with a PR agency that is committed and experienced in animal welfare issues, we are ready to help. Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.