If you run an organization or company that manufactures and distributes vegan products, you will likely eventually run into a dilemma with your brand messaging: How do you challenge status quo without driving mainstream consumers away?

Odds are, you have already run into this dilemma.

But never fear – a plant-based public relations agency can help! And here’s how:

Specialized PR Knows the Art of the Soft Sell

A good vegan PR agency understands the difference between a soft sell and a hard sell. They will know how to craft a somewhat controversial message into something that’s palatable across all of your target audiences, without sacrificing the heart behind what you’re trying to communicate.

A Vegan PR Agency Will Help You Tell a Story – not Preach a Sermon

The best plant-based PR agency will know how to harness the power of storytelling. And if you’re a vegan company, you already have a good story – you just need someone to tell it.

Your specialized PR team will know how to share your story in an inviting, non-judgmental tone. They are communications professionals, after all.

Storytelling is their game.

Good PR will Help You Engage with Your Audience

Nothing says personalized marketing more than taking the time to communicate directly with your consumers.

But sometimes, finding the time to reply to every social media comment or website enquiry is tough when you’re also running a business.

With the right PR agency, you’ll get a whole team of communications professionals who will engage directly with your audiences and uphold the vegan message you stand for with every interaction.

At Orange Orchard, our aim is to promote products and services that make the world a kinder place for all its inhabitants. So if your vegan organization or company needs our specialized PR services, we’d love to help. Contact Orange Orchard online to find out more, or call us at (865) 977-1973.