Consumers today want flexibility in how and when they make purchases and choices regarding services. A personal interaction still remains the preference for many, but in today’s “go-go-go” world, intuitive mobile apps and quick, smart online interactions can help customers get from discovery to decision faster than ever.

Well, this same principle applies to potential donors hoping to champion your cause. If you’ve figured this out and are providing multiple channels for your donors to stay connected with you and process donations, it needs to be promoted as innovation. Partnering with the right animal welfare public relations team can help.

Boosting Donor Relations with PR

As a specialized agency at Orange Orchard, we not only have experience working with leading animal welfare foundations from around the world, but we’ve worked with companies innovating in spaces such as green tech, cruelty free, plant-based and more. Innovation must be celebrated for any organization championing a worthy cause.

Here are a few ways specialized public relations can help position your foundation as one on the cutting edge of donor relations:

  1. Announce your campaigns and drive traffic back to your site/app – Press releases aren’t as old school as you might think. Not only are still valid methods for sharing your news with key journalists and outlets, they can be powerful tools for disseminating links to your donation landing pages and to download your mobile app.
  2. Position your foundation as a leader in the space – It’s important to be viewed as an expert on your cause, and building thought leadership through earned media, bylined editorials and speaking engagements can help your spokesperson(s) get there. It’s also critical to be seen as an entity grateful for and interested in your supporters, and these elements of PR can help achieve that as well.
  3. Increase online engagement through consistent, interesting content – If you choose an animal welfare public relations agency with an in-house content team, they can help deliver regular, SEO-optimized blogs for your website. Blogs can educate potential donors about your campaigns, provide an inside look at the work you do, and highlight your efforts to connect with your supporters.

If your animal welfare foundation is working hard to further a good cause and build lasting relationships with your supporters, contact us today at (865) 977-1973.