Sustainability isn’t a new term, but more and more individuals are becoming conscious of its importance with each passing year. According to Forbes, 90% of business leaders think sustainability is important even though only 60% have a sustainability strategy. A report by Deloitte states that 66% of companies are working to increase their energy efficiency, and 67% of companies using more sustainable materials.

While green tech remains relatively young, investors are looking for ways to contribute to the sustainability movement. These are individuals looking to fund projects and companies that will ultimately make a difference with their sustainability tech. For both upstart and established green tech companies, public relations can be the difference maker between an investor choosing you over a competitor.

By utilizing a green tech public relations strategy, companies will have a tool to help increase brand awareness. Here are two ways green tech PR can will help attract investors.

Craft your message

From lowering carbon dioxide emissions to reducing human impacts on the natural environment, your green tech has a message to deliver. By partnering with a green tech PR agency, like Orange Orchard, you are working with experts that have experience with green tech. Our professionals utilize professionally written content to craft your message in a way that attracts potential investors. Whether you have recently received an award for your green techs’ performance or need a blog written to showcase your expertise in sustainability, our experts can develop the necessary content that will raise the eyebrow of those looking to put money into your company.

Spread the word

While producing error-free content is highly important, it’s just as important to make sure your message makes it into the hands of potential investors. Using proactive media outreach, our experts will pitch ideas and content to respected journalists to secure media placement. By being mentioned in a trusted publication, you display to investors that you are a company that is credible and reputable. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your sustainability values.

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