You can’t search the news without finding hundreds of articles every week referencing the plight, and continuous fight, that environmentalists face. Environmentalism is a hotly contested topic, and one that is usually met with either one of two reactions: resounding agreement or radical defiance.

It has become such a divisive topic that, like religion and politics, it can be best left out of certain social engagements. But what if your business is environmentalism? How can you ensure that you’re breaking through barriers and objections, addressing false information and providing clear and concise information about your cause to supporters and critics alike?

In essence, you have two different audiences that must get the same information and (hopefully) come to similar conclusions. Finding that common ground involves understanding how each of those audiences reacts to your messages, and developing a communications strategy that can break through the existing belief barriers that exist in their minds to enact change and drum up support.

As environmental public relations experts, we understand that getting your message out is a balancing act. You want to appear serious and competent to mainstream audiences that might not fully understand the significance of your work or efforts, while also not looking like you’ve “turned corporate” or are undermining the philosophies on which so many of your supporters back you.

Ultimately, your story needs to be told, but the way in which it is presented can go a long way in breaking down barriers and helping communicate equal parts fact and passion. At Orange Orchard, we help companies like yours ride this line and communicate their message to various audiences with a deft hand. We understand the stories the environmental media want to hear and how to best communicate them. And we have the added benefit of being able to use strategies and tactics we’ve learned from our sister division, Ripley PR, to help us with more mainstream coverage and even niche media pushback.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you break barriers and get your environmental message out to your audiences, contact us today.