The landscape is evolving for nonprofit foundations. The motivations we have for donating money are changing, the methods of delivery are changing, and our expectations for results are changing too. For nonprofits that have existed for years – decades – the changes can be frightening.

In “The Future of Fundraising,” Curt Swindoll wrote that “transitional organizations focused on solving problems and then disbanding will increasingly challenge ‘permanent’ nonprofits.” The point here is that “popup” nonprofits focused on a solving a very concise and explicitly detailed need are finding more partnerships with the wallets of discerning, results-oriented donors. It doesn’t hurt that it’s easier for transitional nonprofits to retain a new, shiny coat of paint for the duration of their cycle.

If your foundation wants to continue providing to your cause for the long haul, partnering with a nonprofit public relations agency can help your organization stay relevant with top-of-mind awareness, clear communications and strategic planning.

  • Brand Awareness – Think that nonprofit foundations don’t have a brand? Think again. Your nonprofit’s identity needs to be easily recognizable, seen as current and fresh, and invoke a sense of urgency in those who care about your cause. Through key media placement, innovative social media campaigns, securing interviews and coordinating speaking engagements for your spokespeople, the right public relations agency can help you achieve top-of-mind awareness among potential donors.
  • Clear and Timely Communication – Potential donors want to know exactly what their money will be used for, and a nonprofit foundation that can more effectively speak to that will find more success. Being able to clearly communicate the urgency and relevance of your cause is key as well, and a solid communications team can help you validate your needs with current trends and statistics.
  • Strategic Planning – Your ongoing campaign should be notably punctuated with timely events and attention-grabbing calls to action. Planning events that lend credibility to your cause, stir an urgency in potential donors and volunteers and directly impact the communities you serve should be a priority. Running the same campaign year after year, while perhaps evergreen in its nobility, can become stale in practice and result in losing touch with your donor base – especially newer generations.

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