A professor in Sydney, Australia estimated that more than 800 million animals had been killed in the fires that ravaged New South Wales, with more a billion impacted nationally.

More than a billion animals, and that’s just the estimate from early January. It’s not even the latest numbers and doesn’t include all the species affected.

How scary is that?

The Australian wildfires put a very real — and furry/scaly/feathered/slimy — face on climate change and raised awareness for animal welfare efforts across the globe. Folks are realizing the effects of the choices they make. This includes understand the link between meat and dairy production and climate change.

Now is the time to be heard

It’s a new decade, and many consumers are changing the way they think. Whether it was trying vegan for Veganuary or making conscious efforts not to use animal-tested products or buy products made from leather or fur, consumers are becoming more conscious of the brands they buy and who they support, which makes this the perfect time to partner with an animal welfare public relations agency.

In the last couple of days, I’ve seen commercials for three different fast food chains’ faux meat burgers and breakfast sandwiches.  Even leather is getting an animal-friendly update. An environmentally aware society isn’t a trend, and it isn’t a phase. It’s a growing revolution.

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