Tourism has long been a tool to boost local economies but over time, the destructive practices of traditional tourism have severely damaged natural wonders and disrupted communities. Machu Pichu is one example of tourism’s effect on a natural ecosystem. The once-lost city high in the Peruvian Andes sees thousands of visitors daily, causing erosion to the natural landscape and putting indigenous plant and animal species at risk.

Success doesn’t have to mean masses of tourists or max capacity at local lodging. Your organization can seek to do something very different by respecting the environment and culture of the locations you promote. Ecotourism public relations can help share your message purposely for steady growth of your tourism business while keeping the health of natural destinations in mind.

Education and Inspiration

Ecotourism is certainly trending, but many travelers aren’t clear on what ecotourism means. Is it visiting a national park over going to Disneyworld? Well, not exactly. Ecotourism seeks to inspire travelers to choose excursions that are sustainable and to educate them on what that means.

Attracting purposeful travelers and inspiring them to choose your destination can be done through case studies. A specialized ecotourism public relations agency can tell the story of your organization’s positive influence on a local ecosystem. Maybe your organization helped bring clean water and better roads to a local community or influenced a conservation project. These are all stories help purposeful growth for your ecotourism business.

Respect and Support

Havasupai Falls is world renowned destination, yet a rarity to visit. Reservations are done via a lottery system to control the traffic through this natural wonder and protect the wellbeing of the Havasupai tribe. How does a destination with such limited traveler gain such notoriety?

Sharing a message of respect for the natural blue-green waters of the land and a responsibility of the traveler to play a role in protecting the land and the people.

Even if everyone can’t visit Havasupai Falls, everyone can experience its natural wonders through its exposure in the media. An ecotourism public relations firm like Orange Orchard can garner media opportunities to maintain steady yet controlled tourism and share the message of respect and conservation of the rare places of beauty in our world.

Take Action

If your ecotourism company needs help inspiring and appealing to travelers, Orange Orchard can help. Our team of experienced ecotourism public relations experts can help develop and implement the communications strategies to control your branding message and promote steady tourism. Contact us online or at 865-977-1973.