Does your PR partner have a genuine love for animals and their well-being?

Would the members of their team stop to help an animal in need or volunteer at an event that supports the care and well-being of animals?

Whether the mission of your animal welfare efforts focuses on keeping wild animals in the wild, or providing veterinarian care, food and a warm bed while a dog or cat waits for a family and home, it’s important your animal welfare public relations partner shares the heart of your message while learning about and sharing your story.

To make sure you’re on the same page, it’s important to ask questions such as: What prompted the agency to work in animal welfare public relations? You could ask for examples of the types of stories and coverage they’ve been able to achieve.

The Orange Orchard team of PR professionals also asks the right questions to help you identify the stories that exist within your everyday efforts. You may be viewing everything you do in a day as business as usual, while there are probably unique and special stories happening all the time.

One way to let people know about the work you do is to share your animal updates. You could provide the latest on how an animal is doing and the journey it had before coming into your care. Sharing a story such as Rocky the Orangutan’s return to the wild is a way for supporters to see how their gifts directly helped meet the needs and the mission while making a difference.

We can also help you encourage your supporters to consider the gift of time. Showing volunteer efforts through a blog or social media post about hands-on care such as cleaning an animal’s space, or delivering food, bedding and toy donations, can also get the word out about your organization.

Our team of experts at Orange Orchard has experience in helping animal welfare organizations share their stories with media outlets and reach an audience ready to hear about you. The work and dedication your team does every day could be an interesting “day in the life” article, blog or social media post in the making. And so you can keep your focus on your animal mission, our content team can help with that too.

Are you ready to work with a PR partner who shares your mission?

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