Like many of you, the Orange Orchard team is working from our homes this week in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As an alternative to the anxiety-inducing headlines about the spread of the virus, we wanted to share some good news about plant-based food brands in our weekly round-up.

As a plant-based public relations agency, we’re glad to see the growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives. We love to promote the businesses innovating in the sector.

Oat Milk Demand Skyrockets

An article by Totally Vegan Buzz showcases the growing demand for nut and plant milks as people look for shelf-stable alternatives to dairy. According to a recent Nielsen report, oat milk sales gave jumped 476.7 % from the same time period in 2019.

As demand skyrocketed, Oatly, a popular brand of oat milk, reminded shoppers to be considerate of each other and avoid panic buying:

In an Instagram post, the brand wrote: “We would just like to remind everyone that buying every single last carton of oat milk that you find at your local shop or online retailer is not a very cool move. And to be honest, it’s totally unnecessary.

“Our focus and top priority right now is to ensure that no matter what happens, the oat milk keeps flowing, which means shelves will be refilled with speed and accuracy, which in turn will allow you to demonstrate all of your consideration skills, ultimately resulting in a few cartons of oat milk for all.”

Meat Alternatives Soar

According to Vegan Food and Living, the same Nielsen report indicates that an increasing number of shoppers have been changing their buying habits during the coronavirus crisis, moving away from animal meat products:

In the US, consumers have been increasingly opting to purchase plant-based meat alternatives over animal meat with a report by market data company Nielsen revealing that sales of vegan meats soared by 279.8 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bonus Vegan Pantry Recipes

People can’t live on words alone. Is your cupboard a little bare after a week or two at home? Stylist comes to the rescue with some vegan recipes made with pantry staples. We think the dahl sounds really good.

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