Once upon a time, the needs of a potential hire were fairly simple. In fact, a good paycheck was often the only thing a lot of folks wanted or cared about. But, as they say, the times are a changing.

Today job seekers are looking for more than a steady paycheck and a simple 9-to-5. Many job candidates want to know they could be making a difference if they work at your company. Sometimes, that’s a tall order to fill, but for those in the green construction industry, it’s actually pretty easy.

There are a lot of benefits to be found in sustainable construction after all. Green buildings can make a significant impact on the environment because they use less water and reduce carbon, energy and waste. But, did you know that green buildings can also have a significant impact on workers’ well-being? According to Md Sazan Rahman, a PhD candidate at McGill University:

Recent research shows that green buildings can also improve the health and productivity of those who live or work inside them. In some cases, green buildings can have the same benefits as spending time in nature, which can benefit people living in cold climates.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that making better choices in construction practices can have such a positive effect not only on our planet but on the population, too? Partnering with a green construction public relations agency can help you raise awareness of this double whammy of awesome.

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