To get real visibility, get on social media. In 2022, this has become ‘Business 101.’ Whether it be Twitter or TikTok, almost everyone is on some version of a platform. But how do you know the right platform on which to spend your time and money? When deciding how you want to raise awareness for your cause and meet your supporters, this can be overwhelming. Animal welfare public relations can help.

How often do I need to publish? Which app should I be on? What content do I need to be producing? If you find yourself asking these questions for your animal welfare awareness goals, then an experienced team like Orange Orchard can help.

Content Consistency

In our content-craved society, you’ve got to be consistent. If you’ve successfully rescued a wildcat from illegal captivity, let us know. Share a picture on your Instagram or Facebook.

An organization like The International Tiger Project does a good job of promoting their cause on Facebook by sharing animal welfare news, blogs and more. They would be a good case study.

Every post should have a purpose.

An experienced animal welfare public relations team can help you find the purpose in your posts. Even though you should be consistent, you should not post just for the sake of posting. Let a team like Orange Orchard create a plan for your consistent, purpose-driven posting.


Keep your audience engaged. Animal welfare public relations can help with a strategy to get the most out of your posts.

This could be an Instagram story, a Facebook live, or what should we name this giraffe?

Make your audience feel a part of your organization. Through this, you can grow your awareness by having a dedicated following that feels like they’re helping right along with you (which they are).

Through social media, animal welfare public relations can help identify your story to share and engage. These tips are just a glance into what a team like Orange Orchard can help with.

If you’re interested in growing animal welfare awareness, contact us online, or at 865-977-1973.