Businesses that focus on developing products that do no harm animals are experiencing high consumer demand. But working with an expert cruelty-free public relations agency can help you generate more visibility and more positive publicity for your brand.

Your business may already be doing a great thing by offering cruelty-free products, but if you are competing with hundreds of other similar businesses, how will your brand stand out?  Partnering with Orange Orchard, a PR agency specializing in helping cruelty-free businesses succeed in a crowded marketplace could give you the boost you need.

  • We can get your brand noticed. Because we are experienced in creating successful promotional campaigns in the cruelty-free space, we have access to high-profile journalists and publications within the industry with whom we have trusted relationships.
  • We know what you need to post and where. Social media is not just for fun, it’s a real business platform, and being professional and strategic is critical to gaining followers, loyal influencers and more customers. We only employ experts who are serious social media specialists.
  • We know what SEO means and how to execute it successfully. You hear a lot about SEO and SEM, but only the best can use it to promote your cruelty-free brand the right way. It’s a skill and we have an experienced, professional team that uses SEO thoughtfully, to get the attention and clicks your brand deserves.

Consumers are demanding cruelty-free products and it is the perfect time to raise awareness of your brand. But, trying to create buzz about your brand without a PR plan could end up being a waste of time and energy. Orange Orchard is a proven expert in helping cruelty-free brands become more visible and profitable, while maintaining high ethical standards. Contact us today or call (865) 977-1973 to plan your new public relations strategy.