The old saying that bad news travels halfway around the world while good news is still lacing up its boots has new life in today’s age of fast-paced information. But the fact is that publishing good news is still a practice that every business should be in the habit of doing.

Sharing the good news of your contributions to eco-friendly building is a staple of green construction public relations. It helps build your reputation as a company that can be trusted. And, effectively promoting any earned awards and certifications shows you are the expert in your market.

Public relations is about building reputations and relationships. One way to build relationships is to share the good news your company generates. However, you don’t want to sound self-serving or boastful. You want to inform and engage. Here are a few ways to spread your good news without alienating the very people you want to reach:

Frame your good news in the customer’s voice.

If you win an award for your innovation in green construction, tie the results to the benefits of the consumer and the Earth. An award is earned because it is helpful to the environment or because of goals consumers wanted to reach – it’s not just about you.

Show value in your news.

Show your reader why your good news matters to them. For example, using locally sourced materials not only cuts down on the use of fossil fuels to transport goods, it also avoids the bottlenecking in receiving goods from overseas that we’ve seen in supply-chain breakdowns recently.

Make your good news helpful to your readers.

If you’ve recently solved a problem for a client that also added another eco-friendly layer to your services, share the news through the lens of how it helped the client. As a green construction company, you’ve already staked your claim as an organization that values sustainability. Show how your methods or services also help solve problems your customers encounter in trying to be more eco-friendly.

Get employee buy-in

Ask your employees to follow your social media feeds and encourage them to share your good news. If consumers see the employees are happy to share your posts on their social media, the result can be infectious.

Share the accomplishments of the team

Don’t limit your good news to what your company has accomplished, share the individual achievements of your team members. If an employee gets a certification relevant to the business or a team wins an award for their innovation, share it. People like reading about other people. Research also shows that this builds employee morale, which leads to better productivity.

At Orange Orchard, we understand green construction PR and what it means to build your organization. We can help you create press releases, social media posts, blogs and other content that you can use to spread your good news.

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