Since the 92nd annual Academy Awards on February 9, one speech has been getting a little more attention than the rest. As Joaquin Phoenix accepted the best-actor Oscar for his performance in “Joker,” he gave a moving speech that tackled everything from human equality to animal welfare and veganism. Early in his speech, Phoenix said about acting:

But I think the greatest gift that it’s given me and many of us in this room is the opportunity to use our voice for the voiceless.

Although the Academy Awards provide an exceedingly prominent platform from which already well-known celebrities can champion their cause(s), it’s not unfair to draw a parallel to businesses and brands taking advantage of industry awards to use their voices, too.

If you have a plant-based or vegan company and wish to not only build brand awareness but reach a wider audience with your mission, try partnering with a vegan public relations team to seek new awards for your good works.

Where do you begin?

Well, as with most things, establishing a clearly outlined plan is critical. An agency experienced in vegan public relations can not only put in the legwork to research and build a list of credible awards in the plant-based space that your company will qualify for, but they can set up a reliable schedule to develop stellar submissions and meet deadlines.

At Orange Orchard, we have a team with decades of journalism and writing experience, so crafting compelling submissions is second nature for us.

Awards give you a platform

Once you’re bestowed with the honor of a coveted award, it’s important to remember it’s so much more than a shiny trinket on the shelf that comes with bragging rights. The action you take after receiving an award determines whether the time, and in many cases application fee, was worth it.

The award should be announced, and your vegan PR team can first help spread the good news through a well-crafted and expertly pitched press release.

The goal of your press release should be to not only land key media placement for your brand but to start conversations about your mission. Interviews secured by an agency pitching the news about your award are the perfect opportunity to discuss your key messages and reach your target audience directly.

Ultimately, the end-goal of submitting for and receiving an award should be to enhance your credibility and trust in the eyes of your most important stakeholders. Credibility and trust will be the foundations of your new platform – the opportunity to use your voice – from which you can speak about your brand and your mission.

While we can’t guarantee any award, much less an Oscar, we believe your vegan brand deserves recognition for the good work it’s doing for all living things on our planet, and we’d love to help you seek those honors and the opportunities they create to talk about your mission.

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