According to a 2021 article from Plant Proteins, as much as 6% of U.S. consumers have turned to veganism – a 500% increase from the mere 1% in 2014.

What those statistics don’t take into account is the number of consumers adhering to diets like vegetarianism, reducing the amount of meat in their diet or choosing plant-based bath and lifestyle products.

But that doesn’t mean there is no niche for those ideas, either.

In fact, given the new year and so much talk of “resolutions,” there is an ever-growing space for new ideas in plant-based industries.

And companies such as yours have to be on a constant lookout for ways to be proactive in order to make a splash in this incredibly and increasingly visible industry.

Whether making items such as food, soap or even fashion, vegan companies are always developing fresh products and introducing new innovations – but can those things reach your target audience?

Only if you’re adapting to the demands of your consumers, who are always looking for the “next big thing” in any space.

But that gap – where your development of new products doesn’t leave enough time for effective marketing strategies – is where investing in plant-based public relations can help.

At Orange Orchard, we have a team ready to help your plant-based business become the next household name in your industry.

So, whether you’re just starting out or have been established for decades, we can share your ideas to your target audience, and extend your reach so that both vegan and eco-conscious consumers can know of your innovations and expertise within this industry.

Moreover, when any crises arise, you can rest easily knowing our plant-based PR team is managing and mitigating to nip any problems in the bud.

That way, you can continue your developments and stay on pace with business as usual.

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