“Cruelty-free” can be a loose term. Because it’s not defined by law, consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical about brands that market themselves as such. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for genuinely cruelty-free businesses to gain the trust of their target market. But with the right PR strategy, your customers can be sure that you’re the real deal.

Consider these cruelty-free public relations best practices to gain trust and prove that your brand uses the term with integrity.

Publicize your “why”

Tell your target market why your brand is cruelty-free. An animal welfare PR agency will know how to get you the media coverage your brand needs and will train you how best to communicate your story on different platforms.

Branch out on your communication

It’s hard for a business to over-communicate. Be transparent and consistent with your social channels, and don’t limit your media coverage. Take every small opportunity that makes sense for your brand to not only build your PR for bigger opportunities when you’re ready, but to practice communicating your story with the public.

Keep your message clear

Even if you are 100% genuine, messages can be misinterpreted. Make your story as clear as possible, but be prepared to back up your statements with facts, research and sources.

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