In any well-developed industry, there are news outlets and organizations seeking to quantify, rank and award the elite players with a spot on their coveted lists of who’s who. With the astonishing momentum gained by companies in vegan food, fashion and other lifestyle products over the past decade, it isn’t news that such rankings have been established in the space. However, making those lists – and knowing what to do once you’re there – is more difficult without a sound vegan public relations strategy.

Maybe your recent journey tells of a startup that’s beginning to take off. Perhaps it’s one of a more tenured plant-based business that simply hasn’t enjoyed a lot of earned media attention. Either way, the first step is enlisting a partner that can outline your achievements and seek the right rankings to tackle first. A good agency experienced in vegan PR will know how to focus your wins into outreach and submissions that will land your brand on these organizations’ radars.

Make the List – Now What?

Landing on a credible ranking is an exciting win alone, but the worst mistake a brand can make is not intentionally working to get extra mileage out of it. Allowing the outlet or organization to simply post their list and hoping the right eyes see your name isn’t enough.

A vegan public relations team, like Orange Orchard, can follow through with a strategic rollout of proven PR tactics, like issuing an official press release to announce the news, helping craft supporting content like blog posts to keep the achievement on your website, developing planned social media posts to keep the news top of mind and more.

Additionally, working with a team that specializes in vegan and plant-based brands will ensure a hyper-targeted media outreach campaign and increase your chances of placement in the outlets that matter.

At Orange Orchard, we understand the value of not only achieving an impressive ranking among your peers in the industry, but taking it a step further and making sure your customers are confident in choosing you. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today at (865) 977-1973.