Plant-based products are a growing industry to say the least. Celebrities take to the Internet to champion plant-based products, and companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have seen a spike in plant-based food popularity. According to Food Engineering Magazine, the global plant-based market will grow from $30 billion in 2021 to $160 billion by 2030. That is just in food alone. Other areas, such as cosmetics, have also seen an increase in sales.

For start-up plant-based businesses like yours, it may be difficult to find your footing in a market that has exploded over the years. How do you organically generate buzz around your product? How do you get the attention of the media? How do you convince customers that your product is worthy of their hard-earned dollars? If these are questions you are struggling to answer, plant-based public relations is what you are looking for.

Plant-based PR agencies, like Orange Orchard, wear their agendas on their sleeve. Many of our experts passionately live the plant-based and vegan lifestyle and share the same values as your company. In addition, our professionals work to provide you with the necessary tools you need to stand out from the crowd and make your business successful.

Our experts use media outreach to help create momentum for your company. Using press releases and proactive media pitching, our experts communicate with trusted, respected journalists to secure media opportunities for your company. From new product announcements to milestones, our experts push your plant-based initiatives. Getting mentioned in trusted publications and other media outlets helps establish you as a plant-based thought leader, thus giving even more credibility to your brand.

Worried about establishing a strong presence on social media platforms? Don’t worry. Our experts have you covered there too. We can develop social media calendars that keep your page active while increasing engagement.

If you are ready to stand out in the crowded plant-based market, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. They would love to speak with you.