You may have seen news recently concerning Pope Francis. On Feb. 6, 2019, a global environmental PR campaign asked the pope to consider going vegan during Lent.

At the center of the request was a 12-year-old girl named Genesis Butler. Genesis and the Million Dollar Vegan team wrote a letter to the pope detailing how a plant-based diet isn’t just about saving furry friends, but is actually about saving the planet.

The Bigger Picture

Studies have shown choosing a diet that doesn’t contain dairy or meat can not only lower greenhouse gas emissions but also slows deforestation and habitat destruction. It also lowers water and land use.

Genesis become a vegetarian at the age of 4 and adopted a vegan lifestyle at 6. Initially, she was focused on the idea that animals are friends, not food, but she’s now working to make sure the world knows the environmental impact a diet choice can make.

Environmental PR Crusaders

At Orange Orchard, we stand with Genesis and wish her lots of luck in her mission. We care about animals and this planet, which is why we made the choice to become an environmental public relations agency. Each of can take steps in our own lives to make this world a better place, like Genesis. But, just like Genesis, we can spread that message far and wide.

Are you fighting to save the planet? Maybe you’re focused on pollution and creating a cleaner planet. Or maybe you recognize the devastating effects of climate change. These environmental issues and so many more are priorities for us, and we want to help you tell your story. Genesis found partners for her mission, which helped her raise awareness and garner media attention for a cause that means a lot to her. We’d like to do the same for you, so contact us today.