Between the world of beauty and the haute couture, the fashion-conscious are flocking to animal-friendly brands and designers. As the rest of the country follows California’s lead in banning fur sales and animal cosmetic testing, cruelty-free brands are expected to grow dramatically. Without a cruelty-free public relations strategy, though, they risk being caught in last year’s style.

Why do Cruelty-Free Brands Need a PR Partner?

Ask yourself this: Do you ever wonder if your customers really know your values, or how they drive your business? Have you built a brand that can resonate with the changing tastes of the trendsetters and boutique shoppers? Are you concerned that, despite your marketing and distribution deals, you’re not doing enough to get your message heard?

If so, you might need a hand. And while there are many public relations agencies that serve your industry, we think it’s best to partner with people who can share your values and beliefs. People who understand how much animals really mean, not just to you but to everyone. As the only full-service communications agency in the U.S. that specializes in vegan and plant-based brands, we’re committed to championing the cause of the voiceless. That gives us the strength and determination to drive our clients to the visibility and success they need.

Why Use PR to Build Trust?

To say these are difficult times to be in the fashion industry would be an understatement. Not everyone’s on the same page, and fast fashion rules the day, even though consumers are starting to understand the impact of their choices. Some high-end brands are still pushing the status quo, with fur and leather goods contributing to animal suffering around the world. It’s never been more important to clearly communicate your values and beliefs.

Your commitments are what draw your customers in, giving them a passion for your brand that the industry giants still struggle to build. Communicating that is your best strategy for growth, and getting customers to understand that there’s a better way forward is the only way to ensure a sustainable future for this industry. Moreover, it can rally your customers behind your cause, helping expand your animal welfare goals beyond your own products and into the hearts and minds of others.

If you need an ally against animal cruelty in the beauty and fashion industries, look no further than Orange Orchard. We’re committed to championing animal welfare causes, and they’re the core of everything we do. Contact Orange Orchard online, or call us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.