It’s an uncertain time in the world as governments, businesses and individuals deal with the spread of the coronavirus. But no matter whether you’re still in your office or working from home, we want to provide a little bit of stability in these uncertain times with our regular Orange Orchard Roundup.

As a sustainability public relations agency, promoting environmental responsibility is one of our core goals, and this was a surprisingly good week for sustainably-minded content across the internet.

Good News for the Sustainable City

Not all cities are sustainable, but all sustainable cities might be building toward a better future for everyone. If local leaders and elected officials put the effort into building environmentally and socially-sustainable places to live, work and relax, those cities come out ahead in the future. Check out some of the benefits of building sustainable cities in Jeff Fromm’s article on Forbes.

Finally, Manufacturers are Embracing Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing is no longer just a fringe theory, it’s becoming mainstream! According to BOSS Magazine, sustainable manufacturers aren’t just saving the planet, they’re also saving their bottom lines as consumers become more conscious and determined about preserving the environment.

What do Microplastics Look Like? This Artist Has Some Ideas

Sometimes, your eyes can play tricks on you. In this case, the Copenhagen Zoo is playing tricks on your eyes. With the Microplastic Series, they hope to illustrate a human equivalent of microplastic pollution. I think this is a great way to show the invisible impact of pollution in a way that can get people talking, and this is a really creative project for doing just that. Take a look over on Fast Company!

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