The most common justification for scientific testing on animals is that it will save human lives. This argument assumes that the 100 million monkeys, pigs, rabbits, dogs and other animals who are killed in U.S. labs every year are martyrs to well-intentioned medical research into lethal maladies like cancer, HIV and heart disease.

More and more brands, however, are choosing to avoid animal testing in the development of their products. That’s in part a response to customer demand. Going cruelty free is also great public relations for businesses. Consumers are increasingly interested in how the products they buy are made, and they want to limit the impact their decisions make on the rest of the world.


Needless Suffering

Above all else, going cruelty free is the right thing to do. The truth is that the vast majority of these animals die in the pursuit of cheap and disposable commercial products like deodorant, makeup and household cleaners. And very few significant medical breakthroughs over the last century have been the result of animal testing.

Lab animals are repeatedly traumatized — poisoned by chemicals, exposed to communicable disease, crammed together into small spaces or held for years in isolation — in order to increase profits, not save lives. In fact, there’s an entire industry supported by animal testing. Breeders can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for the rabbits, dogs and monkeys used in laboratories. The exact size of the industry is impossible to estimate, since there’s minimal oversight and almost no transparency.


Taking a Stand

But it’s also part of a wider recognition that animals shouldn’t have to suffer and die for human convenience. Here at Orange Orchard, we support companies that make their commitment to animal welfare a business principle. By helping them tell their stories, we’re promoting cruelty-free products as a real alternative to products that are tested on animals. We’re also shedding light on the facts behind scientific testing, which we hope will encourage even more companies to adopt cruelty-free practices, and more consumers to demand cruelty-free options.

If animals matter to you and your company, we applaud your commitment. Contact us and we’ll share your story – and help you make the world better for our animal friends.