Do you ever want to know what’s going on in the world? Looking for a place that can provide insight into the latest animal welfare and sustainability developments? Just looking for something to talk to your friends about at the water cooler?

That’s the news, and we’ve got it here at Orange Orchard! As an agency focused on animal welfare public relations and more, we pay close attention to the interests of our clients, and we always find something worth sharing. Here’s the best of the past few weeks.

The USDA Makes Animal Welfare Records Available to the Public!

After three years, the records of animal abuse and neglect collected by the USDA are once again available for public access. According to VegNews, these records document facility inspections and other AWA-mandated reports. The documents are required to be made available by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 and will hopefully help many animal welfare organizations carry out their missions and goals in the future.

The Whales are Coming to Nova Scotia

In an article for the Halifax Examiner, the Whale Sanctuary Project, one of our clients, has announced plans to develop a sanctuary for formerly-captive whales in a nearly 100-acre section of a bay In Port Hilford, Nova Scotia. The Canadian government banned whale captivity late last year, and this is a great step toward establishing a permanent home for former captives. We’re proud of all of our clients, and we always love the opportunity to spread the word of their achievements.

Recycling Is Complicated. An Ex-Apple VP Has an Idea on How to Fix It.

Don Norman literally wrote the book on user-centered design, and has spent his entire career researching how we interact with products and systems. He’s also really, really confused by recycling. And to be honest, it’s hard not to be — take a look at any plastic product, and you’ll see that little triangle with the number in it. Do you know if your local recycling company accepts type-4 plastic, or low-density polyethylene? Can you recycle a Styrofoam coffee cup? What about bioplastics? This system really is way too complex, and it’s preventing us from giving second lives to most of what makes its way into a recycling bin. Anyway, check out Norman’s article on Fast Company.

Clothes Designed to Be Worn

It seems like we’re talking about sustainable fashion in every roundup, and that’s probably because we are! There’s a lot going on with brands new and old, and we always want to highlight interesting ideas for offsetting or mitigating our climate impact. Here’s an article from Forbes on some of the most sustainable brands in fashion, and what they’re doing to get there.

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