With responsible travelers and adventure seekers looking to find ethical travel destinations across the globe, ecotourism is on the rise. So much so, that the ISO released a new international standard at the end of January, ISO 21401, to specify the environmental, social and economic requirements for implementing a sustainability management system in tourist accommodation.

With more and more eco-tourists searching for these types of destinations, the importance of being able to share the story of how they can learn about and, ultimately, help protect the environment is an imperative communication tool.

Here are three ecotourism public relations tactics that, when put to use as a part of a larger PR strategy, can ensure you’re a destination of choice for eco-conscious travelers:

  1. Press releases and media pitching – The bread and butter of public relations, press releases provide news to outlets and your audience while media pitching, when done correctly, keeps your name in the ear of influential journalists who write about ecotourism and travel destinations.
  2. Features, interviews and bylines – These are usually garnered through pitching and relationships developed by ecotourism public relations These types of opportunities keep your name, your story, and your mission top of mind with eco-tourists.
  3. Blogs and social media posts – Blogs and social posts, especially video content, are a great way to tell your story and show travelers what to expect when they visit. By engaging them with the beauty and complexity of your ecosystem, you can boost their excitement for the adventure that awaits them.

If you’re looking to show eco-tourists how they can explore your part of the world, understand the wonders of it and the challenges it faces, you have to engage them via these types of communication methods. By doing so, you open up the opportunity to partner with them to become advocates for solutions to preserve and expand those wonders for generations to come.

If you’re interested in how public relations can help your ecotourism brand, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.