Here’s some good news for travel companies that is even better news for the planet. Doing the right thing to protect the environment pays off, and all it takes is partnering with an experienced ecotourism public relations agency to get out the good word to consumers.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism companies have the responsibility to prevent their activities from hurting the natural environments that lure travelers. Writing in Travel Pulse, Mia Taylor reports that more tourism businesses are recognizing their obligations to protect the environment and investing their own money to do so:

A fascinating and hopeful new development, more tourism businesses are using incomes to protect land and habitats for some of the world’s most endangered species. … The loss of biodiversity is beginning to bite; we are experiencing the next great extinction. More and more responsible tourism businesses are beginning to use incomes to protect land and habitats for some of the world’s most endangered species, realizing that the future of tourism depends on it. Educating local people and the next generations on the importance of biodiversity is also crucial.

This is not only a truly responsible way to do business, but it’s also a selling point for environmentally conscious travelers. Today’s consumers are increasingly willing to reward businesses that promote sustainability.

Luring Millennials

Smart tourism businesses know that consumer tastes are changing and that sustainability matters to them more than ever. In a Forbes article, Marguerita Cheng writes that millennials find ecotourism activities particularly appealing.

Millennials value to spending time in eco-friendly lodges and hotels. They want to see how these hotels are preserving the environment. They avoid places that use large amounts of electrical power. They travel to destinations where water is heated by solar power, sewer water is recycled, and food is grown naturally, among other environmentally friendly processes. They want places where they can dry their clothes outside and avoid using machines. They are attracted to minimalist lifestyles and low power consumption.

In order to attract more millennial guests, responsible travel and tourism companies, as well as ecotourism attractions, boost their visibility through a strategic, well-thought-out ecotourism PR plan. If your business needs help, the experts at Orange Orchard are ready to serve. Contact Orange Orchard online to find out more, or call us at (865) 977-1973.