The word “vegan” is super popular nowadays, yet the masses aren’t quite clear what the word means. Products not built on values of the lifestyle use this trendy word as a selling point.

This is great for promoting the lifestyle and all of the good things that come along with veganism, but let’s face it, people are still very confused, and sometimes that can make promoting your vegan brand difficult.

As a vegan brand, how can you land your message effectively to mainstream audiences?


While your average snack food brand doesn’t seem to need to constantly educate their customers to choose their product, you feel like a broken record having to answer questions like “Why pea protein over animal protein?” or “Why choose a non-dairy alternative?” With a little help from a public relations agency specialized in vegan public relations, your “why” can reach near and far in mainstream media.


Many still view vegans as an extreme group of people. What’s so extreme about saving animals and helping the planet? Yet, some still make veganism seem very radical, shaming and exclusive.

Lifestyle changes are hard, and more vegan brands are finding they need to create a message of inclusion. Vegan public relations can help you craft a softer message for your vegan company to inspire people to change parts of their lifestyle and slightly modify their habits.


Message aside, why is your brand just plain good?  As much as you would like everyone to join your mission to make the world a better place, we know you still put time and care into making a quality product that tastes better or works better than anything else in its category. Let’s celebrate that.

A vegan public relations agency can help your brand gain recognition amongst non-vegan competitors through identifying award opportunities. Why shouldn’t your brand shine for just being good at what you do?

If you are looking for ways to promote your vegan or plant-based products, the team at Orange Orchard can help. We are dedicated to getting the word out about brands like yours. Contact us online today or call (865) 977-1973 to find out more.