Building a solid team is challenging.

The power of vegan public relations is a great way to get your message out directly in front of your target audience. With that in mind, how can a recruitment-focused PR strategy help you gain exposure to people who can take your team to the next level?

Share your employee experience

The Great Resignation” is upon us and one of the best ways you can protect yourself and come out on top is to create, foster and share your employee narrative. The best talent wants to be heard, respected and have fun while keeping busy at work. Peeling back the curtain to show employee and team bonding initiatives, unique benefits and workplace culture are a great way to attract the attention of the talent and personalities you need.

Secure awards and honors

People want to be proud of where they work. Tapping into the experience of a team with a successful track record of securing awards and honors for companies they work with is a great way to get some attention.

When you share the award via press release and social, people will take notice. These awards can create buzz, shares, retweets and legitimize your brand – to customers and potential talent alike.

Working with a team of PR pros on building a bulletproof recruitment strategy is one of the best ways your business can take advantage of “The Great Resignation”. Sharing a look into the employee experience and legitimizing your brand by securing top industry awards can be great approaches when developing your PR backed recruitment strategy.

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