The advantages of partnering with a vegan public relations team.

Most people think that social media management is easy and anyone can do it. The assumption is that coming up with a post now and then can simply be tacked onto an employee’s to-do list. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Creating and growing a successful vegan business presence online takes time and attention. Social media managers have to keep their fingers on the pulse of each platform, making sure everything goes according to plan. That means creating monthly content calendars, monitoring notifications, engaging with your audience through commenting and replies, constantly coming up with new ideas to increase engagement, and analyzing and interpreting data for better performance.

So, who should be doing all of this? Your vegan public relations team!

Here are 4 reasons why your PR team should manage your social media:

  1. Public relations and social media strategies should coincide: Mixed messaging is not something you want for your company. A comprehensive public relations plan that coincides with your vegan company’s social media is standard procedure.
  2. Public relations specialists are trained reputation managers: Sometimes bad things happen to good companies. When a social media firestorm happens, you don’t want someone managing your social media accounts that will react emotionally. That can backfire. Public relations agencies are trained to make sure your vegan company’s reputation is properly managed through the right messaging and communications.
  3. We understand your company’s message and mission: Social media accounts are typically given a specific voice to match the audience. Voicing on LinkedIn is very different from that of an Instagram account, for example. The public relations team can make sure that your company’s message and mission is properly voiced and coincides with a particular platform.
  4. Responding to media requests: When a reporter reaches out through social media, your vegan company must be prepared to respond quickly. If they can’t reach someone they will move on to other sources. PR specialists best equipped to handle media requests and coordinate with journalists.

Partnering with an experienced vegan public relations agency will give your company the right tools to boost its brand and messaging. Our team of experts here at Orange Orchard has decades of experience in creating strategies to earn your vegan business the visibility it deserves. Contact us today.