For people who are committed to doing all they can to show care for animals and the environment, the effort doesn’t stop just because they’re away from home.

For many travelers, choosing a vacation destination committed to caring for the people, land and animals of the area are important considerations when deciding how to spend time away from home and work.

From the way you travel and pack, to where you choose to eat and shop, Green Citizen writes about some tips to consider to make sure your getaway is eco-friendly such as choosing local tours and guides and also volunteering in the community you’re visiting.

If your destination has taken intentional steps to protect the local environment as well as lessen the carbon footprint, then you want to reach people living an eco-conscious lifestyle who believe those efforts should continue while taking a vacation.

An experienced eco-tourism PR partner such as Orange Orchard can help put your destination on the map and minds of eco-conscious travelers.

The team of professionals at Orange Orchard understand how to connect with media outlets dedicated to covering topics that resonate with audiences who want to be mindful of their environmental impact – home and away.

Has your destination created jobs for the local people in the area? Are there sightseeing opportunities visitors can enjoy without disturbing local wildlife? Or perhaps your facility embraces water and energy saving methods.

Those are newsworthy details that our experienced team of writers can use to develop a press release about your destination. Then our media relations pros reach to our contacts to share your news and expertise so you can be included in a feature article or podcast interview.

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