Gone are the days of vegan franchises, like fast casual diners, being niche establishments that require a highly concentrated market of like-minded consumers to be successful. Now, even regular consumers of meat are reducing their intake, looking for healthy alternatives and enjoying the delicious plant-based options available. If you’re a franchisor hoping to capitalize on this but have felt stagnant compared to the competition, it might be time to partner with an agency that can develop an effective vegan franchise public relations strategy for your brand.

At Orange Orchard, we understand that nailing your messaging can be quite challenging. You need a partner that can navigate the complexities of franchising while understanding – and sharing – the values and mission of the vegan and plant-based space. Once you find that partner, however, get ready to grow. Here are some ways that thoughtful public relations efforts can elevate awareness for your brand.

Brand, Franchise Owners, Consumers

It’s one thing to partner up with a marketing or PR team that can talk about the health benefits of your products and the good your business does to reduce meat in the marketplace, but can they raise national awareness for your brand itself, attract budding business owners to your system and drive traffic into individual locations equally as well?

After doing your research and finding that seasoned team that “can do both,” here’s what you can expect once your own customized vegan franchise public relations strategy comes together:

  1. National brand awareness: From national business publications to restaurant-focused trades and mainstream consumer media, your PR team can help generate interest from investors, potential partners and consumers at large who will look for your brand in the wild.
  2. Franchise Development: By publishing press releases about new openings, awards, rankings and leadership hires, you can establish your brand as a solid, stable business worth buying into and attract your next wave of owners.
  3. Franchisee Support: The right PR agency can use their experience launching vegan franchise public relations campaigns to help owners on the local level, too. From grand openings to expansions, charitable efforts and more, local media can be leveraged to drive customers into your locations and increase revenue for the owners.

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