Most of us love the animals we’re close to. We take steps to ensure their comfort and safety and consider them members of our families.

But animal welfare means a lot more than just caring for the companion animals we share our homes with. The scale of suffering and inhumane conditions that animals experience in their interactions with humans is deliberately obscured from public view.

Hidden suffering

Hundreds of animal species go extinct every year thanks to deforestation, development and pollution; overcrowding, chemical manipulation, and mutilation are standard practice for industrial animal agriculture; zoos and entertainment parks cage free-roaming wild animals in pens measured by the square foot; and laboratories hold emotionally complex, self-aware primates in isolation, sometimes for years.

Telling these stories isn’t simple. The agencies and organizations working to end animal suffering must reach a wide audience from across the political spectrum, and they have to offer concrete solutions at the same time they highlight the problem. They have to inspire people, which is always a challenge – and they have to do it while competing for attention with every other priority people have.

The right story

Sometimes it takes expert help to get that story just right. An experienced animal welfare public relations agency can help your organization craft the right message and share it with the people you want to reach. With well-timed press releases, established relationships with the media and proven social media strategies, an agency like Orange Orchard can support your group’s mission to make the world a kinder place for all the creatures that live here.

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